Handmade for life.


Every product we produce is painstakingly designed to meet the demands of everyday life. It doesn’t hurt that they also look great while taking the punishments. All our products, stock and custom made, are designed in 3D CAD ahead of time to reduce head scratching and to assure they will meet your expectations.

Materials Matter

Sustainability is our goal. We go out of our way to find responsibly sourced raw materials. Whether it’s wood from a storm fallen tree in Wisconsin or a decommissioned barn in Kentucky, when the design allows we prefer to use reclaimed or rustic materials and lean into their beautiful imperfections.


We sweat the small stuff. At Ursus we take the time and care to assure that every detail is considered and no corners are cut. That’s the difference between handmade and mass production. It might take us more time, but our products are built to last for generations.


Our Core Competencies

Built On Time

We deliver when we say we will.

Wood & Metal

We have expert experience in a wide offering of materials. Wood, metal, and carbon fiber
are among the many mediums that we work with.

Residential and Commercial

We have experience in making both home furniture and commercial fixtures.
All pieces are made to stand the test of time (and ham-fisted people).

CAD Perfect Dimensions

All of our custom furniture is built to design tolerances provided in 3D models.
No surprises on install day.

Made Here

All of our products are made in Pine, Colorado.
At 8500ft and just 40 minutes from Downtown Denver.

Free Consultation

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project.

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